Container Seedlings

What are Container Seedlings?

Tree roots and container seedlingsContainer Seedlings are our smallest sellable plants.  Generally used for reforestation and riparian buffer plantings, these plants are best for high volume plantings.  Grown in air-pruning pots, these plants develop fibrous roots that improve survival rates especially compared to bare root plants.

How tall are the plants and what size container are they grown in?

Plant sizes vary by species. Oaks and slower growing species may range from 8″-20″ tall. Fast growing species such as sycamore and tulip poplar may reach heights of 2-3′. Please note however, Container Seedlings are not sold by height. The container size  is 3″ square x 9″ deep (SP5).

How are Container Seedlings sold?

Plants are sold in quantities of 25 plants per flat. Flat size is 15″ square x 5″ deep with a lip for easy handling and transport.

Can I break up a flat and “mix and match” plants in a flat?

No, plants are sold only in full-flat increments of the same species (i.e. 25  Acer rubrum / red maple per flat).

Do I need to use a tree shelter with my Container Seedlings?

If you have deer pressure, rodents or invasive plants, it is recommended to use a tree shelter. Properly installed, a tree shelter provides protection for your new plants. Tree shelters are not recommended for shrubs species as they may inhibit their natural growth habit. Click here for more information about Tree Shelters.

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