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Tree Shelters

The Tubex® tree shelter protects your container seedlings from deer, rabbits, chemical spray and machinery as well as enhancing growth in early stage development.

stages of growth with tree shelter

  • Minimum order of 100 shelters required. Sold in quantities of 25.
  • Prices do not include freight charges.
  • Wood stakes are also sold separately in bundles of 25 stakes.



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FAQ’s about Tree Shelters

Should I use tree shelters for my seedling plantings?
Research shows that using tree shelters can improve survival rates for your planting by 50% or more than plantings without shelters.

How else can I use to improve my survival rates?
In addition to the tree shelter, controlling the herbaceous layer around your plants with tree mats, mulch, mowing or herbicide treatments can improve survival rates up to an additional 30% as it reduces the habitat for rodents around your planting.  A 2.5′-3′ diameter of control area is recommended to discourage voles.

Do you recommend tree shelters for shrubs?
No, shrubs generally grow as multi-stem plants and tree shelters may inhibit their natural growth habit.  Other forms of protection such as deer fence may be utilized for shrubs.

Do the tree shelters come with bird netting and nylon ties?
Yes, these come standard with all tubes and are included in the price of the shelter. See manufacturers directions for installation. It is important to remember to remove the bird netting once the tree has emerged from the top of the shelter as it may hinder development of the central leader.

How tall a tree shelter should I use for my planting?
We only stock 4′ and 5′ shelters and stakes.  2′ and 3′ shelters and stakes must be custom ordered.  The shelter height depends on what you are trying to protect against. If you are concerned about deer browse then a shelter 5′ is most effective.  If you are protecting against rodent damage or mechanical devises  then a 2′ or 3′ shelter is adequate.

Can I use tree shelters on larger trees?
Treeshelters are generally designed for use with smaller container seedlings. However the shelters have a perforated seam that can be split and wrapped around a tree trunk. Tree branching must be higher than the height of the shelter however or pruning of side branches is required.

Do the tree shelters break down from the UV rays of sunlight?
Although the tree shelter will eventually break down in sunlight, our experience shows that the shelter will need to be removed from the tree to prevent damage from girdling before it breaks down. There is a perforated seam to make this process easy and safe.  Shelters can also be reused.

How long do I leave my tree shelter around the tree?
It depends on the growth rate of the tree, but generally three to five years. It is recommended to keep the shelter around the tree until it reaches a minimum of 1.5″-2″ caliper.

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