Octoraro Native Plant Nursery is a proud sponsor of Lancaster Water Week again this year. Running from June 1 until June 9, 2018, Lancaster Water Week is a celebration of the streams and rivers that define and connect the Lancaster County community.

Rivers and Streams Serve Lancaster County

Lancaster County is blessed with 1,500 stream miles, but 47% of these streams are polluted and cannot support their original aquatic life. Waterways are at the core of Lancaster County. They drive economic opportunity and growth that benefits our local economy and agriculture.

Our rivers and streams are the source of our drinking water and recreation to be enjoyed by all. To protect these waters, we want to strengthen the sense of stewardship in Lancaster County. Water connects us all!

Octoraro’s Vision and Mission

Water Week is a natural fit with the vision and mission of Octoraro Native Plant Nursery. Many of the  thousands upon thousands of trees and shrubs our nursery grows each year are planted along rivers and streams in Lancaster and surrounding counties. These trees and shrubs stabilize stream and river banks, provide shade to cool water temperatures, provide forage for pollinators  and create habitat and food for wildlife and fish.

The Beginning of Water Week

Water Week was conceived along the banks of the Conestoga River by friends Fritz Schroeder (Lancaster County Conservancy) and Spike Brant (Nimblist). While kayaking along the river offers much beauty and solace, it is also a front row seat to the amount of erosion, pollution, and disregard some have for this amazing fresh water resource.

With this in mind, Fritz and Spike set out to create a campaign that celebrates the unique waterways of Lancaster County, educates the public about the challenges we face and opportunities we can create, and activates people to take action in their watersheds and communities.

Participate in Water Week

Octoraro is proud to be a part of this celebration and educational event taking place over nine days at locations all over Lancaster County. To learn how you participate, go to www.lancasterwaterweek.org.

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