If you haven’t heard of the newest invasive species to threaten our region, spotted lanternfly (SLF), it’s time to get yourself up to speed. Several links are provided below for your reference.

Octoraro Native Plant Nursery (and its satellite growing areas) is located within the quarantined regions of Pennsylvania. We want to be transparent with this information. As of now, we have not seen any SLF at our main operations in Kirkwood. However there were confirmed ID’s of adults this past fall within 4-5 miles.

What We Are Doing

So from our perspective, we’re treating it as if it’s already here. We did have some adults at our satellite facility where we grow many of our larger #7 gal trees. We have several host trees in the area that were treated and effectively eradicated these adults.  There are no signs of egg masses in the area at this time.

We are committed to do our part in making sure we are compliant with the regulations required by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, including Memorandum of Understandings on both plant and vehicle inspections and eradication measures.  Our crews and managers have completed the mandatory training programs.

Working with Regulators

We maintain a close relationship with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and Penn State Extension that are leading the efforts in our state to manage this pest. Unfortunately, SLF will in all likelihood spread significantly. It has already been located in several adjoining states. We’re committed to making sure the spotted lanternfly’s spread won’t be as a result of our efforts at the nursery. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions related to our efforts.

Where to Learn More

Below are links to important information on spotted lanternfly, how to identify it, how to report it, what to do about it and how to slow its spread in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Penn State Extension

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