We are strong advocates for building lasting business relationships.  Part of this effort is helping customers and others to better understand our plants, our operations and the nursery industry in general.  We encourage customers to visit their plant vendors/ growers (not just us) to see their facilities and the methods employed in growing plants. Obviously there are better times of the year than others (spring, not so much).  Summer through early fall is best for us.

But what to do if you can’t visit Octoraro?  We’ve created a separate page on our website so you can do a virtual tour of our nursery.  We’ll be adding more content to this page over time, but the drone videos do a good job of capturing our main production areas and the range of plants we grow.  If you ever want to schedule a tour of our nursery for your group, please email Jim MacKenzie by clicking here.

Click here for a virtual tour of Octoraro.


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